APPLY NOW سجّل الآن

we have started accepting applications, please apply now

We hope to cater to our members on a weekly basis where they are allocated a specific time that they can visit our warehouse in Andalous to pickup their packages. Packages are subject to availability and need to be consumed fast as they mostly consist of near-expiry foods. 

Applicant criteria:

  • legal validresidency
  • ability to pick-up his/her package on a weekly basis from re:food warehouse in Andalous or send someone on his/her behalf with valid civil ID.
  • Civil ID
  • salary statement (from bank or place of work)

بدأنا قبول الطلبات، سجل الآن

نحن نأمل أن نلبي احتياجات أعضائنا على أساس أسبوعي، حيث يتم توزيع الاغذيه في وقت محدد وسريع مع مراعاة قرب تاريخ انتهاء صلاحية الاغذية.   

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