The founder of Refood, Maryam Aleisa, started Refood in late 2014 after moving back to Kuwait from Barcelona, where she completed her Masters in Business Administration at IESE University. Refood was born from her passion to counteract the culture of hyper-consumption especially after realizing that Kuwait is one of the top ten countries worldwide in terms of per capita waste generation. as she took a deeper look into the studies, she found out that food waste in Kuwait alone can feed more than two million people every day. Refood was founded to salvage food and reduce waste.

Her founder’s journey was a long one as it was challenging to establish a solution to one of the largest industries with no prior experience in the matter and no partners, as there was no monetary incentive to the cause.

human health and existence is directly correlated to being in a safe environment; therefore, any effort in trying to sustain the environment is an effort to save humanity.
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