1. supplier schedules delivery

Each supplier will schedule delivery upon availability of pre-approved food products. Product filtration is critical to our operations as we will only accept food products according to our health & quality standards.



We require suppliers to deliver their products to our facility as we are saving them money they would otherwise incur (ie. licensing, quality control, documentation, etc) if they properly disposed of products . 


3. Quality control check

To prevent any damages, strict quality control standards are an essential part of our operations. Certified personnel will examine the condition of delivered food products and determine expiration.


4. Check products into the inventory system

Even though we are dealing with a short throughput time, inventory checking is important to keep track of every product that comes into our facility.  Proper storage shall be handled by storage personnel. The storage includes different temperature areas (dry, chilled, and frozen).



5. Distribute to beneficiaries

As long as the beneficiary is registered, he or she will be able to receive the package on behalf of his or her roommates and/or family. Beneficiaries will be registered through a bar code system, where all they would need to receive the food package, is their re:food ID.